Artists Marrying Artists

November 2022, by By Daniel Grant

There are a number of reasons why people marry or divorce, and sometimes, it is because they are both artists. Another artist will understand the art one is attempting to create, will accept the…

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CERF+: Making a Difference, One Artist at a Time

October 2022, by Sunshine Artist

Medium: Varied (Wood, Metal, etc.) Location: Seattle, Washington Hernan Paganini spends his time creating and exploring the relationship between places, their stories…

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CERF+’s Top 5 Prep Tips

October 2022, by

What assets are critical to your artistic career? What can you least afford to lose? What’s most important to you in your artistic practice? What kinds of emergencies are you vulnerable to based on…

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Pandemic Redefines 'Disaster': CERF+ Offers Artists a Helping Hand

October 2022, by Diana Jones

Since 1985, CERF+ has been work­ing hard to help craft-based art­ists in times of crisis. You may be familiar with their name, and you may have heard they provide grants to artists hit by disasters…

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Playing With Price Points

October 2022, by Angie Landsverk

When Shields Long took his custom, craftsman lamps to an art show in one of the wealthiest parts of the country, he figured that if someone was going to buy a $1,000 floor lamp from him, it was going…

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