When Life Gives You Lemons

December 2023, by Scott Obernberger

What do you do when life throws you a curveball? It is bound to happen sometimes. After all, that’s life.  Do you get down and out about it, or do you look for the lessons and use it as an…

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The Best Indoor Booth Layouts

December 2023, by Jackie Ralston, New England Christmas Festival

I have been promoting shows since I started Artisan Promotions in 1983. During that time, the world has changed dramatically, but good booth layouts have remained consistent.  We are talking about an…

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December 2023, by Angie Landsverk

Fiber artist Jahna Kahrhoff makes sure she has everything needed for a show by printing a packing list for it. Each type of event — indoor show, outdoor show, event without electricity — has its own…

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Show Review of the Month Chesapeake Spring Arts Festival

December 2023, by Sunshine Artist Editor

April 22-23, 2023; Chesapeake Spring Arts Festival, Chesapeake, VA. Contact: Chesapeake Rotary and Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission, Jon Berry, 319 Cawdor Xing, Chesapeake, VA 23322; Phone…

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A Leap of Faith

November 2023, by Alexis Moyer

Taking a leap of faith can be a little intimidating or even downright frightening, so I’m always grateful when people take that leap of faith to commission me to create something wonderful for…

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