200 Best

Iola, Wis. — Sunshine Artist magazine, www.sunshineartist.com, announced today the release of its annual 200 Best, ranking the nation’s most profitable art and craft festivals. This year we celebrate the 200 Best shows of the past 10 years: 2010 to 2020.

Artists and craftspeople are typically asked to cast their votes each April for the 200 Best shows list. They may list up to 10 shows they attended the previous year where they grossed the highest sales.

Due to the pandemic’s effect on the industry, Sunshine Artist decided to look at the last decade. “We know the importance of giving honor where honor is due, and that is where the 200 Best of the past 10 years came from,” said Publisher Diana Jones.

"Sunshine Artist’s 200 Best focuses solely on revenue, because that’s the most objective indicator of a show’s future success...."

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