How Plato Can Improve Your Photos

February 2023, by Steve Meltzer

While both light and composition are key to successful photographic images, light is written about more often. Therefore, let’s focus on how to use composition to create stronger photographs.…

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A Word About Taxes

February 2023, by Daniel Grant

Artists and craftspeople receive money in a variety of ways, including awards and prizes at shows, project grants, scholarships, and fellowships.  The monetary value of an award, or the cash value…

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Do You Have a Safety Net?

February 2023, by Brenda Flynn

Insurance for artists is a safeguard against disasters, both natural and human-made, but it is something artists often neglect to consider.  Why do those who insure their cars, homes, and lives…

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How to Attract People to Your Booth

February 2023, by Angie Landsverk

A rug, small table, and vase of fresh flowers are examples of how Kate Fitzpatrick makes her booth an inviting one when she exhibits at art shows.  “It’s like I’m bringing them into my home or my…

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Why It’s Important To Establish a Brand

February 2023, by Scott Obernberger

Now that the holiday season has passed, many of us are working hard to build up inventory and prepare for the new show season. In January, I talked about examining what we did last year, our…

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