Options To Sell Your Work Online

February 2023, by Angie Landsverk

Wood artist Matt Ricketts has tried his share of platforms to sell his work online and says every option has its trade-offs.  “Etsy has made me the most money and generally does the best job of…

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Resources To Find Your Best Shows

February 2023, by Brenda Flynn

Where do you find shows? Ask any artist on the show circuit that question these days, and the answer is bound to vary.  An exhibiting artist myself, I am always eager to find shows to add to my…

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Are You Ready to Wholesale – a Live Webinar Event with Diane Sulg

February 2023, by Diane Sulg

Have you ever dreamed of seeing your handmade creations in stores or galleries? It can happen!  The mantra of retail is “what’s new.” Store owners and buyers are always looking for great new…

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How Plato Can Improve Your Photos

February 2023, by Steve Meltzer

While both light and composition are key to successful photographic images, light is written about more often. Therefore, let’s focus on how to use composition to create stronger photographs.…

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A Word About Taxes

February 2023, by Daniel Grant

Artists and craftspeople receive money in a variety of ways, including awards and prizes at shows, project grants, scholarships, and fellowships.  The monetary value of an award, or the cash value…

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