Promoter Resource Guide

June 2022, by Sunshine Artist

This guide provides details about advertising, event listings, show reviews, the 200 Best, show poster contest, and the Promoter Guild.


  • I want to advertise with Sunshine Artist. What do you offer?
  • I purchased an ad. Does that include an event listing?
    • - No, event listings are not included. Purchase one for $25.50.


  • What is an event listing and how do I submit one? 
    • - Event Listings are a reference for artists. They help artists find shows to exhibit at. Listings include such details as application deadlines, fees, estimated attendance, categories, contact information, and accepted mediums. Listings are published monthly in Sunshine Artist magazine and are posted online.
    • - To submit a listing, log in to your account If you do not have an account or do not have access, send us a request at Event listings can be purchased here for $25.50/per show/ per year. 
  • I purchased an ad. Does that include an event listing?
    • - No, event listings are not included. Purchase one for $25.50.
  • How long do event listings run? Do I need to submit a new listing each year?
    • - Listings appear continuously in Sunshine Artist magazine and online through the month of its occurrence. Listings are published online on the same day they are submitted; see deadline reference for print.
  • When will my listing be published? 
    • - View Deadline Reference Here. The deadline for the next available issue is the first of the month, two months prior to publication. (i.e., June 1 is the deadline for the August issue). Listings are published online on the same day they are received.
  • What is the fee per month? Per year? 
    • - The fee is per show, per year.
  • How do I edit my current listing?


  • What is the Promoter Guild? 
    • - An organization devoted to helping promoters succeed. As a member, you receive the following:
      1. 1. Your first show listing for free (a $25.50 value)
      2. 2. Additional listings in 2022 receive a $5 discount
      3. 3. A 1-year subscription to Sunshine Artist magazine (a $34.95 value)
      4. 4. 50% discount on one Call-for-Artists eBlast (with print ad) during the year (a $175 value)
      5. 5. Opportunity to review your own shows
      6. 6. Our monthly Promoter Guild eNewsletter
    • - Click here to join:
    • - The cost is $49.95. Renewals occur every October and are not automatic.


200 BEST:

  • What is the 200 Best?
    • - It is a ranking of the nation’s most profitable art and craft festivals, released annually in Sunshine Artist's September issue. Each year, artists and craftspeople are asked to list their 10 best-selling events from the previous year. These results are compiled into the 200 Best list (Top 100 Fine Art shows and Top 100 Classic & Contemporary Crafts Shows)
  • When does voting open? End?
    • - Voting opens in mid-February and ends in late April. Print ballots are available in the March issue (mails mid-February), and online ballots can be submitted at during that time. The deadlines are published in the March issue. 
  • How can I participate? Promoters versus subscribers
  • When is the 200 Best Announced?
    • - September issue (mails August)
  • We made it in the top 200, how do we get the 200 Best Logo?
  • Note: Winners will be contacted by Sunshine Artist’s ad salesperson and asked to fill out a form. This form is for 200 Best editorial content in the September issue and is NOT an event listing.