The Difference Between Sunshine Artist's 200 Best and Show Reviews

April 2022, by Sunshine Artist Editor

Sunshine Artist's 200 Best

April 30 is the voting deadline for this year’s Sunshine Artist's 200 Best. Promoters and organizers can remind the artists on their email lists by sharing this link with them: 

Artists and craftspeople list the shows (up to 10) they attended last year where they grossed the highest sales. That is the only criteria for placement on the 200 Best list — where the creator made the most money. 

Each show earns points based on the gross sales indicated on the ballot, from one point for sales of less than $2,000 to four points for sales over $10,000. The combination of the reported gross sales and the number of artists who vote for a show determines each show’s final score 

This resource helps Sunshine Artist present artists with information about which shows are the most profitable for their work. 

Show Reviews

Another way Sunshine Artist helps artists learn about shows throughout the country is through show reviews. FastAudit scores are not related to placement on Sunshine Artist’s 200 Best list. 

Show reviews are compiled from FastAudits that are received from artists who participated in the shows. Promoters and organizers can request paper FastAudit forms by visiting

They may also encourage the artists who exhibited at their shows to submit a FastAudit review online by sharing this link with them: 

Artist reviews are anonymous. They note their medium, total sales, and the price of their average sale. They rate their sales, the quality of the show, the balance of mediums, and the festival’s prestige. 

The overall event is also reviewed by artists. They rate load-in/out, parking, layout, advertising, management, artist treatment, artist amenities, attendance, judging, and awards. 

They are also asked if they would participate in the show again, and there is a space where they may write additional comments.