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Event Deadline Fee Location Starts Ends
Event Bayou City Art Festival - Downtown Deadline Passed Fee $45.00 Location Houston, Texas Starts 10/14/2023 Ends 10/15/2023
Event Houston Folk Festival Deadline No Deadline Fee $0.00 Location Houston- Katy, Texas Starts 10/28/2023 Ends 10/28/2023
Event Lubbock Arts Festival 2024 Deadline 11/27/2023 Fee $30.00 Location Lubbock, Texas Starts 4/13/2024 Ends 4/14/2024
Event Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival Deadline 10/6/2023 Fee $35.00 Location Fort Worth, Texas Starts 4/18/2024 Ends 4/21/2024
Event Art in the Square- Southlake Deadline 11/8/2023 Fee $40.00 Location Southlake, Texas Starts 4/26/2024 Ends 4/28/2024
Event Cottonwood Art Festival Deadline 2/29/2024 Fee Location Richardson, Texas Starts 5/4/2024 Ends 5/5/2024
Event Cottonwood Art Festival Deadline 6/9/2024 Fee Location Richardson, Texas Starts 10/7/2024 Ends 10/8/2024
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