What Artists Want Most at Shows

September 2023, by Angie Landsverk

The artists who submit show reviews to Sunshine Artist for publication in print and online are honest about their experiences at the events.  They share such things as how load-in/-out went, whether…

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Sale Trends at Shows

July 2023, by Angie Landsverk

This is photographer Sherri Goodlove’s first year doing art shows, and she is not seeing the sales she expected.   “I have lowered some pricing on my larger pieces, but I can’t go much further, as…

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Create an Attractive Space

July 2023, by Desiree Blackwell, Coastal Arts Center of Orange Beach

Our show — the Orange Beach Festival of Art — is located in a very natural setting on the shores of Wolf Bay, in Alabama. Spaces for the artists are located on grass, gravel, or concrete.   Booth…

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Design Your Best Booth

June 2023, by Sharon Wojtas, Arts, Beats and Eats

My favorite artist booth is neat, uncluttered, and inviting. A disorganized booth makes it difficult for customers to zero in on one favorite piece.  Replace items throughout the weekend as they…

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What To Do Before the Show

April 2023, by Kim Schroeder, Warrens Cranberry Festival

Once accepted into a show, collect and organize all contracts and information about the event. Add all upcoming deadlines to your calendar and familiarize yourself with the show’s rules and…

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