Living the Creative Life

July 2023, by Diane Sulg

Shirley Price has been a creative force all her life. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, she came to the United States in 1964.  As a small child with an artistic mother, she learned to knit, making baby…

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Say Hello to the PL8 LADY

April 2023, by Diane Sulg

Dominique Oakley is a woman who thinks, acts, and talks fast. With an impressive business IQ, she has built a unique recycled art business.  Raised by her grandmother, who was a schoolteacher and an…

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One-of-a Kind Designs Delight

February 2023, by Diane Sulg

To say Mona Groban is an eclectic artist is an understatement! Our paths first crossed about 20 years ago when I owned a craft gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.  A close friend had met Mona at…

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Down to Earth

January 2023, by Diane Sulg

Making pots is a North Carolina tradition dating back to the 18th century. Modern-day potter Ron Philbeck embraces every bit of that tradition while simultaneously creating pots with a…

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A Blooming Business

December 2022, by Diane Sulg

The old saying “timing is everything” is certainly true for Starr Collective. Jeannine Starr, founder and chief creative, is rapidly turning her startup business into an incredible creative…

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