A Master of Optical Magic

June 2022, by Diane Sulg

Sue Rioux was born in Bangor, Maine, and by her own admission was “artistic from birth.” As a child, she was into clay, watercolors, and drawing. When she finished school, Sue decided to see more of…

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The Making of a Star

May 2022, by Diane Sulg

Jake Pfeifer first appeared on my radar in 2016 when he was named a “Rising Star” by American Craft Week. He was one of 30 artists under the age of 30 whose talent earmarked him as a future star in…

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Counting Their Blessings

April 2022, by Diane Sulg

It is a thrill to see an energetic couple successfully grow and enjoy a great business. Please meet Howard and Whitney Schwartz, the brains, talent, and energy behind Whitney Howard Designs.  In…

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Creating Art and an Arts Scene

March 2022, by Diane Sulg

Which do you think is more difficult? Building your own handmade business or developing an entire arts community? Let me introduce Laura Hutchcroft, a talented woman determined to do both! Laura…

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These ‘Little Guys’ Are Big Business

February 2022, by Diane Sulg

Come with me to the magical home of the Little Guys in the picturesque mountains of western North Carolina. In a busy ceramic studio, you will meet their creator, Cindy Pacileo, the talented…

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