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Show Review of the Month ARToberFEST Galveston

August 2022, by Sunshine Artist Editor

October 16-17, 2021; ARToberFEST, Galveston, TX. Contact: Grand 1894 Opera House, Sarah Piel, 2020 Postoffice St., Galveston, TX 77550; Phone: 409-457-9780; Email:; Website…

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These Cows Did Come Home

September 2022, by Diane Sulg

Despite her art degree from Michigan State University, Sandy Erickson Wright began her professional career as a flight attendant for Pan American Airlines. She was fortunate to travel the world, fall…

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August 2022, by Diane Sulg

Have you ever known an artist whose work is outrageously wonderful? Please meet my friend and artist-extraordinaire, Terrell Powell. I have known Terrell for 20 years, and his brilliant work never…

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Life on the Road Blog: Ready to Adapt

September 2022, by Scott Obernberger

One thing every artist and promoter can agree on is that this year, like the two before it, is full of curveballs. Whether it’s the economy and all the difficulties that come with it, the continued…

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Life on the Road Blog: Beauty in Many Forms

August 2022, by Scott Obernberger

We are just getting into high gear with show season (remember, we write these a bit in advance of the publication date), and I was reminded recently by fellow artists about the importance and many…

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Build Your Booth - Artists Share Display Tips

August 2022, by Angie Landsverk

The more years artists exhibit at art shows, the more experienced they become setting up their booths and making the most of their space.  “When I first started, I set my booth in a ‘U’ shape, using…

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