Review for The Cheesman Park Art Fest

written by Sunshine Artist on 12/6/2021

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October 2-3, 2021, The Cheesman Park Art Fest, Denver, CO. Contact: Dash Events, Liz Gore King, 1198 Cenotaph Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80904; Phone: 505-550-2471; Email:; Website:; Exhibitor spaces: 150; Admission: free. 

Compiled from FastAudit reports 

The Cheesman Park Art Fest featured artists, crafters, live music, and some of Denver’s best food trucks. The artists who reviewed the event gave it high marks. 

“One of my best shows of the year!” said a jewelry artist who had $6,000 in sales with the average item selling for $100. This artist rated every category a 10. 

A fine artist who had $18,000 in sales said, “I love this show. I just wish we could do it more than once a year.” A sculpture artist described it as well organized.  

“Great advertising, communication, and we were blessed with amazing weather,” said the artist whose sales totaled $6,300, with the average item selling for $55. 

A wood artist had $3,000 in sales. “I hope to be back again next year, and I look forward to applying to other shows offered by Dash Events!” said this artist. “Functional wood art is not a high demand item; however, the show attendance was incredible, and my sales were in the top five of more than 100 shows. I can’t say enough about the people who organized this show and every member of their staff. Of all the shows I’ve been in, this venue tops the list.” 

A fine artist said, “It was my best show this season.” Another fine artist said, “It is located in a beautiful setting near the heart of downtown Denver. It is also very well organized.” Both artists said they want to participate again. 

Other fine artists also gave the Cheesman Park Art Fest a positive review. 

“One of the best venues, one of the best promoters, one of the best locations — the best show I had in 2021,” said an artist whose sales totaled $20,000. The average sale was $395. 

The sales for the other artist totaled $4,500, with the average price point being $900. “Will definitely apply to this show again, wonderful promotors,” said that artist. “Good sales, very well-run show. Easy load in and out. Very nice crowd, interested in buying art.” 

A sculpture artist said the booth layout is wonderful and described the staff as excellent. “Attendance and sales are always consistent. Great show,” said this artist who had $2,400 in sales. 

A wood artist had $11,200 in sales and hopes to be part of the festival again. “Show gets better every year,” the artist said. “Great demographics, nice venue and good sales. Close to home, easy setup and tear down.” 

One painter had $7,800 in sales and said, “Great weather in the fall. Folks were eager to enjoy the outdoors again!” The average sale for another painter was about $700. “Love these promoters! Friendly, respectful, great to the artist and positive!” said this artist. “Awesome promoters, beautiful location, good crowd.” 

Two ceramicists were also pleased with the results of the show. One had $5,000 in sales and the other had $6,000. The average sale for a mixed media artist was $1,200. “Amazing group of diverse patrons. Serious buyers. Great group of artists,” said that artist. 

A fine craft artist said, “It was so well organized, well attended, and in a beautiful location.” The sales for that artist totaled $10,000. A jewelry artist said the organizers are professional and well organized, with load in/out easy. 

An artist listing digital art and jewelry as the mediums commented on the show being moved from late July to October because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Many attendees expressed the wish for the show to stay in October due to the nicer/cooler weather,” said this artist. “The promoters are very experienced and know what they’re doing. Artists are treated very well. Good mix of well-juried art.” 

A fine craft artist saw sales of $3,300 and said, “My first time getting in the show, and hope to do it again. The most lovely park setting and good audience/clientele.”