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Event Deadline Fee Location Starts Ends
Event Old-Fashioned Christmas in the Woods Deadline 3/15/2023 Fee Location Columbiana, Ohio Starts 10/14/2023 Ends 10/22/2023
Event CraftWestport Deadline 1/4/2023 Fee Location Westport, Connecticut Starts 11/4/2023 Ends 11/5/2023
Event Annual Outdoor Arts Festival of the Bruce Museum Deadline 6/15/2023 Fee Location Greenwich, Connecticut Starts 10/7/2023 Ends 10/8/2023
Event Flowertown Festival Deadline 12/31/2022 Fee Location Summerville, South Carolina Starts 3/31/2023 Ends 4/2/2023
Event Gatlinburg Craftsmen's Fair July Deadline 5/1/2023 Fee Location Gatlinburg, Tennessee Starts 7/7/2023 Ends 7/16/2023
Event Manayunk Arts Festval Deadline 4/15/2023 Fee Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Starts 6/24/2023 Ends 6/25/2023
Event Ann Arbor Original Street Art Fair Deadline 2/8/2023 Fee Location Ann Arbor, Michigan Starts 7/20/2023 Ends 7/23/2023
Event Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair Deadline 7/1/2023 Fee Location Tucson, Arizona Starts 12/8/2023 Ends 12/10/2023
Event Long's Park Art Festival Deadline 3/1/2023 Fee Location Lancaster, Pennsylvania Starts 9/1/2023 Ends 9/3/2023
Event Market Days Deadline 7/31/2023 Fee Location Tallahassee, Florida Starts 12/3/2023 Ends 12/4/2023
Event End of the Season Arts & Crafts Show Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Punta Gorda, Florida Starts 3/25/2023 Ends 3/26/2023
Event Craftsmen's Summer Classic Art & Craft Festival Deadline 8/3/2023 Fee Location Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Starts 8/4/2023 Ends 8/6/2023
Event Saline Craft Show Deadline 2/1/2023 Fee Location Saline, Michigan Starts 11/11/2023 Ends 11/11/2023
Event Spring Tennessee Craft Fair Deadline 2/15/2023 Fee Location Nashville, Tennessee Starts 5/5/2023 Ends 5/7/2023
Event Prairie Arts Festival Deadline 3/1/2023 Fee Location Schaumburg, Illinois Starts 5/27/2023 Ends 5/28/2023
Event Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair Deadline 2/22/2023 Fee Location Ann Arbor, Michigan Starts 7/20/2023 Ends 7/22/2023
Event Art in The Loop Deadline 1/5/2023 Fee Location Memphis, Tennessee Starts 4/14/2023 Ends 4/16/2023
Event Bell Tower Shops Arts & Crafts Show Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Fort Myers, Florida Starts 3/18/2023 Ends 3/19/2023
Event Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem Deadline 4/30/2023 Fee Location Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Starts 11/24/2023 Ends 12/23/2023
Event New England Christmas Festival Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Uncasville, Connecticut Starts 11/3/2023 Ends 11/5/2023
Event Tephra ICA Festival Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Reston, Virginia Starts 5/19/2023 Ends 5/21/2023
Event Frankfort Fall Festival Deadline 4/1/2023 Fee Location Frankfort, Illinois Starts 9/2/2023 Ends 9/4/2023
Event Prairie Peddler Festival Deadline 7/15/2023 Fee Location Butler, Ohio Starts 9/23/2023 Ends 10/1/2023
Event Orchard Park Festival of the Arts Deadline 8/4/2023 Fee Location Orchard Park, New York Starts 9/16/2023 Ends 9/17/2023
Event Dogwood Arts Festival Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Knoxville, Tennessee Starts 4/28/2023 Ends 4/30/2023
Event Handcrafters Spring Fling Deadline 1/14/2023 Fee Location Livonia, Michigan Starts 4/21/2023 Ends 4/22/2023
Event Handcrafters Tinsel & Treasures Holiday Market Deadline 5/12/2023 Fee Location Livonia, Michigan Starts 12/8/2023 Ends 12/10/2023
Event Christmas in the Country Deadline 11/1/2023 Fee Location Hamburg, New York Starts 11/2/2023 Ends 11/5/2023
Event A Fair in the Park Deadline 4/30/2023 Fee Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Starts 9/8/2023 Ends 9/10/2023
Event Chesapeake Spring Arts Festival Deadline 1/31/2023 Fee Location Chesapeake, Virginia Starts 4/22/2023 Ends 4/23/2023
Event Backwoods Fest Deadline 4/1/2023 Fee Location Thornville, Ohio Starts 9/15/2023 Ends 9/17/2023
Event Stone Arch Bridge Festival Deadline 3/22/2023 Fee Location Minneapolis, Minnesota Starts 6/17/2023 Ends 6/18/2023
Event War Eagle Fair Deadline 10/18/2023 Fee Location War Eagle, Arkansas Starts 10/19/2023 Ends 10/22/2023
Event Penn's Colony Festival and Folk art Marketplace Deadline 6/30/2023 Fee Location Saxonburg, Pennsylvania Starts 9/23/2023 Ends 9/24/2023
Event Annual E.J. Thomas Christmas Arts & Crafts Show Deadline 3/30/2023 Fee Location Akron, Ohio Starts 12/1/2023 Ends 12/3/2023
Event Christmas Made in the South Deadline No Deadline Fee Location Columbus, Georgia Starts 10/27/2023 Ends 10/29/2023
Event Merchants Crossing Arts & Craft Show Deadline No Deadline Fee Location North Fort Myers, Florida Starts 1/21/2023 Ends 1/22/2023
Event The Village at Winona Art Fair Deadline 3/5/2023 Fee Location Winona Lake, Indiana Starts 6/3/2023 Ends 6/4/2023
Event Art In The Park - Plymouth Deadline 3/1/2023 Fee Location Plymouth, Michigan Starts 7/7/2023 Ends 7/9/2023
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