Show Review of the Month Halifax Art Festival

June 2024, by Sunshine Artist Editor

November 4-5, 2023; Halifax Art Festival, Daytona Beach, FL. Contact: Guild of the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Andrea Pair, 352 S. Nova Road, Daytona Beach, FL 32114; Phone: 386-304-7247; Email:; Website:; Application fee: $40; Space fees: $225 to $350; Space sizes: 10x10 to 20x10; 100% outdoors; Exhibitors: 220; Attendance estimate: 30,000.  

Compiled from FastAudit reviews 

The Halifax Art Festival takes place in the downtown area of Daytona Beach, Florida. Of the artists who reviewed 2023’s event, 72% said they would exhibit in it again.  

An artist whose medium was drawing reported $1,900 in sales and would do the show again. “I have done it several times in the past and (weather permitting) I always do well,” the artist said. This artist was not a fan of the large gaps between booths due to the new street layout but said it was the only way it could be done. “I was close to the end of the festival area (near Bay Street), and I think some people stopped and turned around at the area between the booths before getting to the small section of booths on that end,” the artist said.  

A ceramicist would return as well. This artist made $1,200.  

An artist whose mediums are fine craft and jewelry will not do this show again. “About 70 non-juried ‘artists’ were all buy/sell and located in their own section of the show. However, the customer does not know they are buy/sell,” said the artist who made $2,000. “Buy/sell is not compatible with a fine art show.”  

Also not interested in returning is an artist whose mediums are fine art and mixed media. The artist made $150 and said sales were down the last two years — making it not worthwhile. This artist also commented on the judging process, saying judges were knowledgeable in past years but not in 2023. “They barely spent any time in booth, and it was not just me that this happened to,” said this artist.  

But an artist whose mediums are fine art, mixed media, and art glass felt the opposite about the festival. This artist made $5,100 and said, “It was a nice event with quality vendors. I really appreciated the organization and the hospitality by the host team.”  

One fine art artist is unsure about future participation, saying a lot can happen before 2024’s show. The artist did not say how much was made at 2023’s event.  

An artist whose mediums are fine art and fiber/textile/leather made about $600 and will not exhibit there again. “The attendance was nowhere near close to what the show had advertised on their application. I understand that this is something they cannot control, but a better estimate would be appreciated. The consensus of the artists I spoke with said there were a lot of lookers. The people who did make purchases were seemingly only purchasing items $50 and under. I did not see a lot of people carrying around originals or large works,” the artist said. “I will say that the show management did an excellent job of communicating the necessary information. They sent out emails as things changed or when the artists needed to be notified. They even sent out a daylight savings time reminder before Sunday's event. Loading-in and -out was fairly easy and not too congested. Parking was between a two- to 10-minute walk, depending on where you were placed on the map. All-in-all, I wouldn't return because of the lack of attendance and the lack of sales. I actually lost money on this event. Bummer. I wanted this one to be great.”  

It was a nice, local event for an arts and crafts artist who lives in Daytona Beach, which is why this artist would participate again. The artist’s sales totaled $1,800. Better night-time security is needed, the artist noted, saying “One side of my tent was unzipped, and it looked like someone slept on a table inside the tent.”  

An artist whose mediums are wood, along with arts and crafts, made $5,500 and wants to return, saying it was a well-organized festival, with good advertising.  

The festival was close to home for an artist whose medium was drawing. The artist reported $2,500 in sales and wants to return.  

Sales were disappointing for a fine art artist who made $210. This artist will not be back, noting there was a competing type of art two doors down.  

An art glass artist might participate again. The artist had $2,000 in sales and said there were lots of lookers and older people who were not buyers.  

A fine art artist who made $2,000 thought the event was planned and run well. This artist would return.  

But a metal artist whose sales totaled $1,000 does not want to go back.  

A fine art artist who had $4,100 in sales wants to participate again, saying, “It was my most successful show with sales and feedback. It's local to my residence, so its super easy to get to and from.”