What Artists Want Most at Shows

September 2023, by Angie Landsverk

Photo courtesy of the city of Harrisburg 

The artists who submit show reviews to Sunshine Artist for publication in print and online are honest about their experiences at the events. 

They share such things as how load-in/-out went, whether parking was close to their booth, what type of artist amenities there were, and how much money they made at the show. And artists often comment on the weather — and how it affected attendance and sales. 

During the past few months, there have been some common themes in the reviews — about what bothers artists the most when they are participating in shows, as well as what they appreciate the most. Here are some of things artists have brought up in their reviews: 

Communication is key. Do so in a variety of ways — via email, text, and in person at shows— to keep artists in the know about any changes and to let them know you want to do everything you can to help them succeed.