2023 200 Best Press Release

September 2023, by Sunshine Artist

IOLA, WIS. – Sunshine Artist magazine, www.sunshineartist.com, has announced the release of its 2023 200 Best, ranking the most profitable art and craft festivals in the country based on artists’ reported sales in 2022.  

Launched in 1993, Sunshine Artist’s 200 Best is split into two categories: Fine Art & Design for events that focus on unique, fine-art pieces and Classic & Contemporary Craft for events that focus on traditional or modern craft and production work. 

The 2023 No. 1 Fine Art & Design Show is St. James Court Art Show, in Louisville, Kentucky. The No. 1 Classic & Contemporary Craft Show is Old-Fashioned Christmas in the Woods, in Columbiana, Ohio. 

Information about all the shows that made this year’s 200 Best list is available in Sunshine Artist’s August/September 2023 issue, as well as online at https://sunshineartist.com/200-best. 

Artists were able to cast their votes from February through April to nominate their highest money-making shows from 2022. The ballot asked artists to list the 10 most profitable art and/or craft shows they exhibited at during the previous year, indicate their level of gross sales at each event, and note whether they considered themselves fine artists or craftspeople for each event. 

The results were tabulated using a weighted scale based on four sales levels to ensure all events competed against each other fairly. 

Sunshine Artist’s 200 Best focuses solely on artists’ show revenue, because that is the most objective indicator of a show’s future success. Subjective attributes, such as artist treatment, amenities, attendance levels, management, and overall quality, can impact sales but are harder to gauge and therefore have no direct bearing on the rankings. 

Single copies of Sunshine Artist’s August/September 2023 issue, containing this year’s complete 200 Best list, are $15 and may be ordered by calling toll-free 800-597-2573, ext. 2.  

A one-year subscription to Sunshine Artist is $34.95. A combo subscription includes online access to all listings, plus this year’s 200 Best winners through our website, as well as a year’s worth of the magazine, including next year’s 200 Best issue. To subscribe, visit www.sunshineartist.com or call toll-free 855-347-3327.