Mistakes Artists Make on Applications Advice To Overcome Them

February 2023, by Jennifer Foland, Huffman Productions, Inc.

The most common mistake we see is artists not submitting a complete application. We list a checklist about halfway down our application (see photo) that, if followed, gives our jury everything it needs to make a decision. 

Before submitting your application, double-check that you read through the entire application and all sections are complete. It really slows the jurying process down when we have to go back to an artist for missing items. 

Be sure your application is legible, neat, and complete. List everything you plan to bring to the show. Be descriptive, not vague. 

If you are a jeweler, just listing “jewelry” as your medium is not enough, as you are in a very competitive category. Describing your work in more detail — necklaces, bracelets, earrings, as well as the type of jewelry (metal, gemstone, pearl, etc.) — is helpful information for the jury and ensures categories do not get oversaturated. It also helps when we make booth assignments. 

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