Advice for Promoters — from Promoters

September 2022, by Sunshine Artist Editor

The promoters of two Midwest art fairs have learned much throughout the years and are sharing some of those lessons with others. 

Judy Ladd, of Leeper Park Art Fair, said the three most important lessons she has learned are to: 

  • Consider the artists in decisions. 
  • Have plenty of advertising. 
  • Be patient. 

She said the most common mistake a promoter makes is taking on too many artists for the show. Ladd’s advice for overcoming this is to make sure the number of artists is appropriate for the city’s population. “Don’t take on many for the money,” she said. 

Stephen King, of the Des Moines Arts Festival, also shared what he has learned and some advice for other promoters. 

The three most important things he has learned are to: 

  • Listen to the artists. 
  • Put the artists first in any and all decisions. 
  • Be honest.

King said the most common mistake a promoter makes is “thinking we know better what is best for artists.” His advice for overcoming this is to listen, ask questions, and pay attention. 

Leeper Park Art Fair is held in South Bend, Indiana. Next year’s event is set for June 17-18. 

Next year’s Des Moines Arts Festival is scheduled for June 23-25, in Iowa.