How to Get Reviewed in Sunshine Artist magazine

October 2021, by Sunshine Artist Staff

Sunshine Artist provides an opportunity for promoters and organizers to have their fine art and craft festivals reviewed by the artists who participate in them. The reviews, which are printed in the magazine and posted on the Sunshine Artist website, are created primarily via artist feedback forms called FastAudits. Here’s how you can turn FastAudits into additional coverage for your event.

There are two ways to encourage exhibitors to submit FastAudits – by giving them the paper forms in person or by sharing Sunshine Artist’s digital link with them. Artists can submit their FastAudits to Sunshine Artist by mail or online.  

Paper Forms 

Promoters can request paper FastAudit cards by visiting It is important to make the request two months in advance of when the event will take place. 

FastAudit cards are shipped to promoters, and the goal is that each exhibitor receives one while at the event. Some organizers print their information on the top of the card or place a sticker there that includes the name of the event, where it is being held, and the sponsor’s name and address. 

How the cards are distributed to artists varies. Some organizers include the form in the bags given to exhibitors when they check in for the show. Others deliver them to each artist during the event. The postcards are postage prepaid for easy mailing by the artists. 

Online Submissions

Some promoters encourage exhibitors to submit FastAudits online via the website’s submission form ( They can share that link with artists after the show in an email and/or in their social media posts.  

Many show organizers do both — hand out paper FastAudit forms, then also share the website URL. 

What’s in a FastAudit 

Artists review the shows anonymously. They note their medium, total sales, and the price of their average sale. Next, they rate their sales, the quality of work at the show, the balance of mediums, and the festival’s prestige. 

The overall event is then reviewed by the artists. They rate its load-in/out, parking, layout, advertising, management, artist treatment, artist amenities, attendance, and judging and awards. 

Artists are also asked if they would participate in the show again and why — or why not. In addition, there is a space where they may write comments. Some note, for instance, what the weather was like and whether it affected their sales. 

Once received, the Sunshine Artist editorial staff processes the review for publication. This includes following up with promoters and organizers for a Post Show Report. This gives promoters/organizers the opportunity to respond to topics artists bring up, address them, and make improvements if necessary. 

FastAudits help artists throughout the country make decisions about which shows they want to apply to. Be a part of this process by requesting FastAudits for your next show.