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Warrens Cranberry Festival Art/Craft Show - WI

About the Show

Warrens, Wisconsin (La Crosse area) - Late September

Organizers tout this as the "largest arts and crafts show in the United States," which is both hard to prove and quite possibly correct, at least using some criteria like square miles.

Always the last full weekend of September, this event is in the La Crosse, Wisconsin, area, making it a driveable distance from the Twin Cities, Iowa, Madison, and much of the Midwest.

This is a BIG show: More than 850 exhibitors in the Arts and Crafts show area alone. From the promoter's press releases:

"Attendance at the first Festival in 1973 was 3,500 and there were 75 booths. Since then it has grown from a small community festival to an international event with more than 140,000 visitors each year."

That will mean, for high-end art purveyors, a lot of walk-by traffic because attendance is huge and they're not all there for art. But with huge attendance comes sales opportunity, and our historical reviews demonstrate that.

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With over 800 vendors showcasing their unique wares for three days in September, it is no wonder why Warren's Cranberry Festival is a top attraction in the Midwest. In addition to a spectacular art an...

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