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The 2014 Audit Book is here. Order your copy today!

Sunshine Artist’s 2014 Audit Book is here! What is it? It’s an informational source for working artists and craftspeople, including thousands of event reviews, show contact information, show-circuit trends and lists of legal resources and tax offices, as well as copyright forms.

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The primary goal of the book is to make planning and scheduling art and craft shows easier for you — the artists and crafters making your living working shows. To supplement the monthly reviews in each issue of the magazine, we publish this compilation every two to three years to provide quick overviews and historical trends for the thousands of shows in North America. The new book lists results of shows held from 2009 through 2013.

Each show review is based on reports filed by Sunshine Artist reporters and FastAudit™ surveys sent in by tens of thousands of exhibitors across the country. The listings contain a brief critical review of each show and yearly ratings on a scale of 1 to 9. Here's an example from the 2007 edition:

FastAudit Example 1
FastAudit Example 2
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